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Medium link is broken fyi.

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you cannot even write Theter correctly

keep your misinformation campaign, i know you are paid by soros trump and Putin

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You are just salty because crypto is the greatest asset of all time and usdt makes its usage more esy to normal ppl

you are a trumper qanoner trithwr and all you want is to destroy all the goodness of the liberal system

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When you talk about a "tether chain", or how "tron's tether is fake/unbacked" it shows how little you know of the subject..

There has never existed, nor anyone claimed to have existed, a "tether chain"

And Tron is just 1 of about 4-5chains that have native tether tokens. It's used all over the world, not just in China. All the tether tokens are convertable between all the chains, including ethereum

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Oct 14, 2022·edited Oct 14, 2022

So i just came here to read some stuff about pdf hacking you, right.

Then i red the entire thing, and i have to say, im not into crypto, im not from the china, i just thought it'd interesting read.

So i have to say, u're probably, not quite sure, but very decent odds that u're crazy.

I'd suggest you to seek mental help, alteast to some extent.

Especially that one part where your entire premise led to china bad( orange man ) bad kinda thing

I'd like to add that, now it kinda makes sense, because who da fuck else gonna make that pdf analyzer that u made, if not an insane person.

But seriously dude, u're seeing things.

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great read. question, though. the internets tell me that TRON is open-source. that doesn't mean that a handful of people couldn't manipulate the network as the theory suggests, but does it not mean that a code audit should identify plausible ways of doing so?

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