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Well written.

The crypto industry must now pay a steep price that has never been paid before.

The rest of productive society will no longer be pawns or collateral damage for the crypto industry’s greed and desire to topple society for their own bags to go up.

It doesn't take a 180 IQ to see where this leads - crypto’s endgame is a radical political revolution against the state and entire societal order - if left unchecked, it leads to societal unrest, revolution, or war.

Not talking about legitimate blockchain enterprise and infra use cases that improve productivity.

What if full on anti crypto populism is here now?

Crypto bros really thought due to a decade of ZIRP the world ran on shitcoins and DeFi.

Turns out when shit hits the fan it still runs on state backed violence.

Crypto bros really thought they could market half baked, flawed tech to the masses as replacements for the banking system,

inadvertently lead to terrorist financing and billions to be hacked, and nothing would happen in retaliation from users and the Feds. Lmao.

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I appreciate the sentiment and the writing style, but why do you keep using Trump as the boogeyman? With the absolute horror show that's followed him, Trump seems positively benign in comparison.

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Great article. Thank you.

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