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Holy ****, if all you wrote is true, this is beyond mental. The implication is clear, though: You were right about Tether. And not just in general, that it is a scam. Everyone who has any realistic understanding of crypto knows this, it's a common joke on the Buttcoin subreddit. No, you nailed exactly how the scam works. That is the only reason they would target you with an attack this fierce. They must view you as an existential threat to their business, and possibly their freedom.

Hopefully you were able to recover the evidence and relay it to the authorities. And hopefully you can give us some updates as the case develops, I understand that some info is going to be confidential, but any insight or proof would be such a privilege to see. I can't believe we may be witnessing an unknown Substack account dismantle the biggest scam of all time.

Apple credited "an anonymous researcher or researchers for disclosing" the vulnerabilities. Do you think that's you?

Either way, best of luck to you, and otteroooo as well.

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