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One question, have you considered the possibility that it was Lazarus? They've been going around hacking people using very similar techniques. Since you were on a crypto telegram, they may have posted to try an catch crypto employees, but accidentally found you. They probably decided to take a crack at you anyways. Heck, North Korea is probably pro crypto TBH.

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Jesus christ this is the most terrifying thing I've ever read in my life.

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Go change the batteries on your carbon monoxide alarm. If someone wanted to target you and had the technical capabilities needed for these attacks, 1. you wouldn't know about it, and 2. they would have accomplished something.

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I hope you get it figured out. I enjoyed almost every single word of this - joy from each word as I read. Thanks for sharing. It’s definitely something but I don’t think there is much personal interest in our activity as we’re lead to believe when hacked this badly. It happened to me and I’m doing well after much struggle and loss. The purpose of this type of thing you’ve described with activating cameras and audio

I imagine is most commonly used for the purpose of data mining and theft of information to overtake accounts. While I believe many of these strong attacks stem from a personal targeted attack, they seem to progress in a way that is useful to many (from criminals to scientist to companies / criminal companies and spiritual / cult like beliefs from groups).

If you think about it (please do, it will help)

Who wants to watch us that way? It’s very unappealing to view someone from that angle and it isn’t very difficult to merely spy (all things considered).

I’m aware that there have been json tool lots on my devices that transcribed all audio to text and databased all video (as you’ve described in searching for logs of the data after testing by making sure to be in front of the camera for certain activity). Consider what use this is for people.

I’ve been part of at least 2 large hacking groups. I’ve also gone to the library I’d never been before without anyone near me I’d ever met and left everything behind for the day to create a Gmail account and message Apple, Samsung, the fbi internet cyber crime division, the fcc, Amazon, my financial group, Google, and Microsoft, and utility companies.

My financial institution was hacked from MY DEVICE somehow. I changed the names of my checking and savings because it was an option. The next day there was a notice to members that they’d changed the system and that “Main” is referring to the first checking account created while “Save for Life” is the savings. That’s as weird as it gets. They obviously couldn’t change it back or explain it so they said it was them (the bank) who updated the account names. It get so much deeper but it won’t help to go on.

If you take a step back every so often, write down things By hand when making financial transactions, don’t sign in to anything (even with an “anonymous” username, and a million other tactics you have probably found by now, you can step away long enough to help yourself.

Isn’t your health, happiness, and well being the first most important thing?

I love that this is posted and made available but not that you’ve had to experience it. There’s a level of awe that comes with this type of intelligence even though it’s at the detriment of the public. I’m certain that many unwitting participants are being charged additional amounts across all transactions and harvested for data to process for social behaviorism marketing tactic execution.

I have to do some weird shit if I want a direct line to use my phone. I’ll probably never have it back because my info has been spread across black markets for use to anyone who purchases it (seemingly). I believe I pissed off a hacker about 7 years ago.

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So, real question, im not fucking kidding dude.

Like i've red 2 of your longassreads, right.

Have you ever been into any sorts of mental healthcare ? Like maybe a psychiatrist. or a psychologist to begin with?

This entire story, even after giving u a benefit of the doubt, but after reading your other story, just smells like a fucking nuts guy thinks goverment is about to end him, or some CSI levels hackermans entering his mainframe through smart fork.

Bro seriously, get an appointment, really. No jokes.

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